General Questions

Is this Tier Marketing Model legal?

Yes - by SA Law it is legal once you market a product and that we have

Is my payment made secure?

Yes - it is done via Payfast payment system 

What if I cannot get 5 people to sign up?

5 people is ideal to ensure you get good income. You can make use of Whatsapp or Social media without leaving your home to get people...

 However it can be less people but it will affect your earnings.

You are not limited to 5 referrals only - you can refer as many people as you like which will increase your earnings

What if a new member does not have a PC or internet connection to download the product?

The product is not the main concern - rather making good money with this program is the main factor

How will I know that my referrals joined the program?

One cannot join without a referral membership number - you will get one and inform them to use it.

I will give you step by step guidance in the process once you joined.

When can one expect payments?

Payments are paid once a week (Fridays) on all credits above R 100.00 via eft into your bank account

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